Where Clay = Community

About Read Heat Ceramic Art Studio

Tulsa's newest ceramic art studio.

A place to come together...

At Red Heat Ceramic Art Sutio, local artists will find affordable access to studio space and professional quality equipment. Ceramics classes and workshops will be offered for adults of all levels, from beginning to experienced artists. We will also host visiting artist workshops, studio sales, and group exhibition opportunities for resident and studio members.

We are a diverse group of Tulsa-based clay artists, from sculptors to potters, that care about clay in our lives and our community.  As clay artists we are actively looking for ways to make a difference in this thriving art community, through teaching, making, and exhibiting our own work, and participating in dialogue that might lead to new community clay opportunities. We are passionate about our current studio work and each other. We love to share what we make with the art community of Tulsa.

How it all began...

Red Heat Ceramic Art Studio is owned and operated by Whitney Forsyth, a ceramic artist and accomplished art professor. She has lived in Tulsa, Oklahoma since 1999 and taught ceramics at the University of Tulsa for 17 years. She has a BFA from Oklahoma State University and a MFA from New Mexico State University. Her ceramic work has been exhibited in museums, galleries, and art centers, as well as private and public art collections throughout the United States. Whitney is passionate about equipping and inspiring a new community of ceramic artists.

Whitney has hand-picked a team of local emerging and established ceramic artists who are eager to be residents, artists, and teachers at Red Heat Ceramic Studio. Many of these artists hold undergraduate and graduate degrees, have taken university courses in clay, are attending workshops at other ceramic studios around the country, and are actively producing and exhibiting their work.

watershed residency artists


Whitney Forsyth, Owner/Director
Mary Whitney, Studio Administrator
Nancy Andrasko, Studio Technician
Tony Burks, Studio Technician



Resident Artists

Beth Brady Edwards
Clayton Keyes
Jessica Walker
Maddie Schmidt
Marjorie Atwood
Mary Whitney
Nancy Andrasko

Take a look at our artists' ceramic work...