Ceramic classes for every skill level...

Ongoing classes at Red Heat Ceramic Art Studio.

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced student in ceramics, we have something for you. We offer a variety of classes that will help you begin or continue your journey with clay. You can also check out our workshops page for additional learning opportunities.

Winter Session: January 31st - March 28th

Winter classes are four to eight weeks long. Each class accommodates 6-8 students.  Students have access to the studio during class time and designated open studio hours each week. Students may purchase their own tools or use the community tools available in the studio.  Studio clay, glaze, and firing are all included in the studio fee.  $200-$375.

Note: Classes will pause during Spring Break, March 14-18th.

Beginner / Seasoned Beginner

Beginning Wheel Throwing

Come experience the joy of basic wheel throwing. We will begin by exploring basic cylinder and bowl forms. All functional forms will be thrown, trimmed, glazed, and fired.  You can take this class more than once.  Repeating this class will help you establish and refresh basic wheel-throwing skills.

8 Weeks. $375.

Tuesdays 10-12, Instructor Kris Potter

Tuesdays 1-3, Instructor Kris Potter

Tuesdays 6-8, Instructor Kris Potter

intermdiate clay

Intermediate Wheel Throwing

Take your throwing skills to the next level!  This intermediate wheel throwing class is designed for students with previous experience throwing who want to improve basic skills and learn to throw new, more advanced forms.

8 Weeks. $375.

Wednesdays 6-8, Instructor Cathryn Thomas

light shine
Beginner / Intermediate

Let Your Light Shine Bright

Create candle holders that will light up and enhance the mood of any space.  Students will explore different ways to create decorative holders for candles.  A variety of hand-building techniques will be used, including slab and solid-built construction. All work will be glazed and fired.

8 Weeks. $375.

Thursdays 1-3, Instructor Whitney Forsyth

cullinary clay
Beginner / Intermediate

Culinary Clay

Create mouthwatering ceramic forms that resemble your favorite foods! Instructor Nicki Wood has been making cakes from clay throughout her entire career! She will share her techniques, including slab and pinch construction, as well as exploring low-fire glaze applications.

8 Weeks. $375.

Thursdays 6-8, Instructor Nicki Wood

narrative bust

Story Telling - Narrative Bust

Learn to tell a story using the human bust. In this class, terra cotta clay will be used to create a simple human form. The bust will act as a canvas for narrative drawing, text, and other added sculptural elements. Underglaze and stains will be used to enhance the work. 

8 Weeks. $375.

Thursdays 10-12, Instructor Cathryn Thomas

Beginner / Intermediate

Adorn - Jewelry Making

Students will design and create unique one-of-a-kind ceramic jewelry.  All Jewelry will be glazed and fired, with a special opportunity to incorporate gold or silver luster. 

6 Week Class, Feb. 1st - March 8th. $275.

Wednesdays 10-12, Instructor Amy Sanders

Beginner / Intermediate

Secret Garden - Ceramic Totem

Create a whimsical totem to enhance your garden this spring.  Pinch, coil, and slab building will be used to create each totem. All work will be fired, brightly glazed, and playfully stacked.

4 Week Class, March 22nd - April 12th. $200.

Wednesdays 10-12, Instructor Kris Potter

clayton flower
Beginner / Intermediate

Floral Delight

Create your own ceramic bouquet of flowers for your mother, family member, or special someone. Using various hand-building methods, we will create hand-sculpted flowers that may be arranged into limitless displays, bouquets, arrangements, and pieces for the table or even the wall. Bring images of your favorite flowers and get ready to create some delicate works of floral art.

4 Week Class: March 22nd – April 12th. $200.

Wednesday 1-3, Instructor Clayton Keyes

Additional Class Information...

Create Your Own: Plan a class or evening in the studio for a party up to 10. Can be a eight-week class ($375 per person), evening event ($75 per person) or one-day workshop ($175 per person).

Take it to the Next Level: Private Instruction and professional mentoring for all levels of experience, hand building, wheel throwing, glaze and surface applications, and more.  ($135 per person, 2-hour session)

Work-Study Opportunities:  We offer opportunities for students to trade labor for studio opportunities.  Receive credit to use toward resident/studio artist options or class/workshop tuition.  Help needed: Studio Maintenance/Cleaning, Reprocessing Clay, Class Room Assistant, Open Studio Monitor and Exhibition/Special Event set up and clean up.

Refunds:  At the sole discretion of Red Heat Ceramics, refunds will be given on a case-by-case basis for circumstances beyond the student's control. A letter from a doctor or other documentation may be required.  Students may find another person to replace them in a course they are enrolled in with Red Heat staff approval.