Incredible workshop experiences for every artist...

Upcoming workshops at Red Heat Ceramic Art Studio.

Jump start your experience with clay by attending a one or two-day workshop. We offer a wide variety of workshops for both beginner and experienced students.  These intensive courses area tremendous way to gain new insights and learn new technical information using clay.

Workshops typically take place from 10 a.m.-4 p.m. Costs are $175 for one-day workshops and $300 for two-day workshops.

Upcoming Workshops

Sorry, there are no workshops scheduled at this time. You can learn more about future opportunities on our workshops page. Please check back soon or contact the studio for more information.

Future Workshops

The following are just a few examples of the kinds of workshops we plan to host on a regular basis at Red Heat Ceramic Art Studio. Additional workshop programs may be shaped by new specialties brought by visiting artists and student interests.

The Eccentric Teapot - During this 2 day workshop, students will learn to make the 5 parts of a teapot, body, lid, handle, spout and foot.  Many exciting and unique ways of representing the 5 parts of a teapot will be explored and made by hand.  Each student will assemble one or two complete teapots by combining their own and other student’s teapot parts.  (Two day)

Tiny Things - Participants will create tiny replicas of their favorite things, from food to furniture and anything in between.  During the 2 day workshop, hand building techniques will be demonstrated and explored to create the tiny sculptures.  The tiny work will be painted and fired using low fire underglaze and glaze.  Students will learn about the teaching artist who loves tiny things.  (Two day)

Making Faces - Learn to sculpt the human face in clay.  Students will learn the anatomy of the human face and learn to sculpt it realistically.  Low relief hand building techniques will be used to build and sculpt the face.  Students will learn about both small and large scale figurative sculpture as they are working on the face.  (One day or two day)

Hand Built - Narrative use of the hand in clay.  This course will explore the hand as metaphor in clay.  One or a pair of hands will be made by each student.  Students will be taught the anatomy of the hand and how to construct the form out of clay.  Hands will be finished using low fire underglaze and glaze. (2 day)

Natural Objects - Explore the natural world by examining organic forms and textures with clay.  This 2 day workshop will offer a variety of hand building techniques using slab, pinch and coil.  Each student will create a potpourri of small natural objects that can be enjoyed as a group or individually.  Natural forms will be finished using low fire underglaze and glaze.  (Two day)

Decorative Cylinder - Learn to alter and decorate a clay cylinder.  Cylinders will be transformed into decorative vases or containers using basic hand building techniques. Students will also be taught the use of the extruder and simple slab construction.  Work will be finished with low fire underglaze and glaze.  (One day)